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Favorite Family Chiropractic

100 Year Lifestyle Chiropractor in Springdale AR
Phone: (479) 756-1155
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Patient Testimonials

I highly recommend this business!

❝I've been to quiet a few chiropractors in my life but this is by far the best. I highly recommend this business!! ❞

I'd had migraines at least once a week!

❝Dr. Favorite is the best chiropractor I've gone to. He is very practical. I went to 4 different chiropractors before I started going to him. I'd had migraines at least once a week for 2 days a piece before. He was the first chiropractor to be able to get rid of them. I can't explain how much he has helped my neck,head and back. I wouldn't go to anyone else. One of the bones in my leg will even go out of place sometimes, causing pain, and he can put it back in place for me.❞

My neck is in much better shape!

❝Best chiropractor ever. After less visits than he anticipated, my neck is in much better shape. I can turn my head and have no pain. And my lower back pain is gone! Wouldn't go to anybody else.❞

My children are much happier and feeling much better!

❝Took the kids to the chiropractor today. My daughter is almost 17 months old and my son is 3 weeks old. June has been going since she was about 9 months old and I should have taken her sooner. If you want to know the story behind that I'll be happy to share :-) Today was the first time Gavin has been. He was misaligned in a few places. One of the places was his C1. That is the vertebrae at the very top at the base of the skull. I heard no pop but as soon as the chiropractor said "Ah, there we go." My son instantly relaxed because the tension in his head was gone. Birth is an arduous process for both mother and baby. Your child cannot tell you their discomforts. My children are much happier and feeling much better. Take your newborn to a chiropractor who is experienced with adjusting infants. If your children are inexplicably fussy let a great chiropractor take a look. It could be a simple fix for them. Thank you Dr. Favorite and staff for treating us like family and making us all feel better.❞

When I leave here I leave with a smile too!

❝Dr Justin is the best. Everything I come to see him he has a when I leave here I leave with a smile too. Thank you Dr Justin!!! Oh and the chiropractic part is good too.❞

I have a smile too!

❝Dr. Favorite always has a smile and after my adjustment I have a smile too!! The front desk ladies always greet me with my name... its like walking into "Cheers" only better!!❞

He adjusted my daughter while she slept!

❝My 10 month old daughter and I went for the first time this morning and it was wonderful!!! Doctor Favorite really takes his time to talk to you to understand what's going on. He adjusted my daughter while she slept!! They are actually all very nice and easy to work with! It really was just a great experience!❞

We have grown to appreciate chiropractic care!

❝We've been visiting Favorite Family Chiropractic for almost 3 years. He and his staff are great! We have grown to appreciate chiropractic care so much and it is a bonus to feel like we are going to see close friends/family each time we go in for adjustments.❞

I became pain-free!

❝For years I had severe pain in the bottoms of my feet. When I began adjustment with Dr. favorite in 2014 I noticed a pain in my feet diminishing. Eventually, I was pain-free from years of foot pain! One morning in February 2015 I woke up with severe pain in my right shoulder. I hurt so bad that I could not raise my right arm. I went straight to Dr. favorite. After many adjustments and stretching exercises I became pain-free. I have full range of motion in my shoulder, arm and hand. I believe in chiropractic. In fact, I take all my children to see Dr. favorite on a regular basis. All of them are healthy. So healthy that the regular family doctor has to send me letters to remind me to bring them in once a year for a well visit. LOL Dr. favorite and his team are the most friendly and caring people around. I am so thankful for Dr. favorite.❞

Dr. Favorite is very knowledgeable!

❝Just left and already wondering why I ever stopped going. Dr. Favorite is very knowledgeable and has an awesome staff. Highly recommended.❞

Dr. Favorite Truly cares for his patients

❝#1 in NWA, Dr. Favorite Truly cares for his patients. Always make my day when I go.❞

He takes great care of his patients

❝Dr. Favorite is simply the BEST! He takes great care of his patients.❞